Estate Aims

Management of the Balmoral Estates

Balmoral Estate has been the Scottish home of the Royal Family since it was purchased by Queen Victoria in 1852. The Estate is owned and funded by Her Majesty The Queen, personally rather than as Sovereign. The total annual expenditure of the estate is over £3 million, which is all spent locally. The estates management objectives include providing employment and housing and generating economic activity in the local area, as well as the conservation and regeneration of the natural environment.

The estate comprises 18,659 hectares owned between Balmoral, Birkhall and Glen Doll, 2,940 hectares of grouse moor at Corgarff and 4,688 hectares of sporting rights rented from a neighbour. 3,000 Hectares are afforested and 222 hectares are arable or pasture, with 100 Highland Cattle, and The Queen's Highland, Fell and Haflinger ponies.

Balmoral Castle

Balmoral is a working estate. Deer stalking, grouse shooting, forestry and farming are the main land uses. Parts of the Castle, gardens and exhibitions are open to the public from April to July. The estate provides an important recreational benefit to members of the visiting public and a range of user groups. The geology is mainly granitic and most lies over 1,000 feet above sea level. There are seven Munros, mountains over 3,000 feet.

The aims of the Management of Balmoral Estate are:-

  • To work together with the owners to achieve a high standard of stewardship and land management for the benefit of present and future generations.
  • To adopt consistent policies for the conservation of the natural assets of the Estate.
  • To provide a place of retreat and enjoyment for The Queen, her family, and their guests.

These aims will be achieved by:-

  • Providing good working conditions for all staff and for those accommodated on the estate good living conditions.
  • Contributing to the social well-being of the estate staff, pensioners, tenants and the local community.
  • Contributing to the economic activity of the local area.
  • Keeping costs under constant scrutiny and improving the standard of the financial accountability and management of all departments.
  • Maintaining efficient and considerate management policies.
  • Conserving the natural heritage of the estate.
  • Maintaining to a high standard all buildings of national or historic importance.
  • Managing in an efficient and sustainable manner the natural assets of the estate.
  • The efficient and sustainable management of the resources of game to provide a variety of shooting, stalking and fishing.
  • The sustainable management of the natural forests and forestry plantations.
  • Maintaining a balance between 'public access', business enterprises and the private enjoyment of The Queen, her family and guests.
  • Providing appropriate facilities for tourists and visitors.
  • Fostering a skilled, imaginative and progressive workforce through appropriate training and development policies.
  • Providing equal opportunities to all staff.
  • Improving management skills by further training and broadening experience.
  • Encouraging the development of computer skills and the use of information technology.
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Balmoral Estate Environmental Visitor Charter
The Balmoral Estate is committed to ensuring that it operates in a sustainable manner, reducing its impact on the environment wherever possible and ensuring that the estate is maintained for all generations to enjoy.
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Balmoral Estate Environmental Policy
The Estate Management is committed to operating the estate in an environmentally sustainable manner and this is achieved by having a range of key mechanisms in place.