Crafting Balmoral’s Legacy with Scottish Craftsmanship

A Bespoke Tartan designed by Araminta Campbell commissioned by HM King for Balmoral Castle & Estate.

United in their shared commitment to preserving Scottish cultural heritage, His Majesty has commissioned Araminta Campbell to craft a bespoke tartan that tells the story of the Balmoral Castle and Estate. In this tartan, in its colours and its threads, lies the essence of Balmoral itself—a timeless sanctuary where history and majesty converge, and where the spirit of Scotland's Highlands lives on.

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A Testament to Scottish Craftsmanship

This tartan stands as a testament to Scottish craftsmanship: created by carefully selected artisan weaving mills across Scotland, His Majesty and Araminta Campbell remain steadfast in their commitment to preserving rural mills and the soul of Scottish artistry.

This bespoke creation is a symbol of dedication to well-made craft, a celebration of cultural heritage, and a promise to uphold the highest standards of quality in every aspect of its creation.

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Each thread, each check, is a testament to both the Monarch’s and Araminta Campbell’s unwavering commitment to Scotland, its people, and its traditions.

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The Natural World Beautifully Depicted

His Majesty’s and Araminta Campbell’s mutual respect for the environment and natural world is ingrained into each element of this tartan, with natural colours and materials sourced from nature’s own palette and inspiration drawn from the grounds of Balmoral Estate and the surrounding Scottish Highlands.

More information to be unveiled soon . . .