The Exhibitions

The Castle Ballroom, Carriage Hall Courtyard and Estate Exhibition

The highlight for every visit to Balmoral is the Castle Ballroom, the largest room in the Castle.

This year our exhibition is "Life at Balmoral". This exhibition covers all aspects of life on the estate - from the fish in the River Dee to mannequins depicting what Her Majesty the Queen may wear during her stay at Balmoral. This ranges from what she would wear while taking the dogs for a walk to the outfit she wore on the last Jubilee and gown work at one of the dances held in the Ballroom.

We also include information about the Green Canopy, the wildlife and livestock on the estate, the people who live and work here a display showing a setting for afternoon tea in the Castle.

For the centrepiece of the Ballroom Exhibition, we have secured the Salmon School art installation which was created by Joseph Rossano.

The Ballroom is still much used by the Royal Family today and is the venue for gatherings and dances during Her Majesty’s stay at Balmoral. These dances are known as the Ghillies Ball and have taken place every year since Queen Victoria’s reign, with the exception of 2020 and 2021.

Balmoral Castle

The current castle was built in 1855, to designs created by Prince Albert and the Aberdeen architect William Smith. The Ballroom was the last room to be completed and was designed to house balls and other functions for the royal visit. Underneath the carpet is the original sprung wooden floor, which has seen many dances.

The Ballroom Exhibition is the only room in the Castle available for viewing. Please note that other rooms within the Castle are Her Majesty The Queen's private rooms and as such are not open to the public.

In the Mews you will find our newly refurbished Gift Shop and and opposite an exhibition of classic vehicles associated with the Estate.   There are also various photos and objects regarding the history of the Estate.

In the Portcullious you will see an original Phateon Carriage, which is on loan from Grampian Transport Museum. This Carriage is originally from the estate and would have been used to transport ghillies, guests and The Royal Family out onto the hills.

The Palace of Holyroodhouse