The Grounds and Gardens

The formal gardens, water garden and grounds of Balmoral

The gardens, which were started under the supervision of Prince Albert, have been expanded and improved by successive members of the Royal Family.

Between 1923 and 1925 Queen Mary devised the charming garden, with a semi circular wall of rocks surrounding a fountain. The gates to this garden bear the monograms GR and MR.

The Duke of Edinburgh extended the gardens to incorporate a large kitchen garden. The vegetable garden is harvested between August and October during the Royal Family's summer holiday.

Balmoral Castle

The formal gardens, covering some three acres, also contain a range of Victorian glasshouses and the conservatory, which displays flowering pot plants throughout the year.

A water garden has been formed to the West of the main garden in the trees between Garden Cottage and the West Drive.

On the impressive front lawn, at a point opposite the tower and about 100 yards from the path, a stone marks the position of the front door of the earlier house, demolished in 1856.

Balmoral Castle